Below is the mid year position of the 2022 Road Racing  Club Championship, we have a Club Championship i hear you say – yes we do and after two Covid years of no races below is the position at the end of June 2022 after tracking your many races to date, so June 5k & Brian Goodwin are included.

How does it work?

The Championship runs over five distances, Club 5k, Any 10k race, 10 mile race, Half Marathon & Marathon, you need to submit your results to Darrell, Katrine, Matt, Liam or Paul Deas  and we will then record your time for that distance, any races that have  a number of Tortoises running we tend to pick these up automatically, each fastest Tortoise over each distance receives 15 points, then 14,13 12 etc down to 1 point if there were over 15 runners that have ran that distance over the year.

We then take your BEST FOUR distances over the five race distances, so the most points anyone can achieve is 60.

To have a race included you must be a paid up member at the time of the run, (except for those running July to August who subsequently join in the new September intake)

If you have ran any obscure official races or ones that you were the lone Tortoise let us know so that we can check we have the result recorded.

Can i include my parkrun times ? No just the club 5k as this is the same route everyone gets to run on.

Can i include training runs from Strava for the distances ?  No it must be an organised event.

In addition we also have a Club Championship for Ultra running, Cross Country and Hill running, if you have ran any of these events again let someone know so we can record them, we also have age graded club 5k & 10k awards, Club 10k event details will be released soon.

Awards night takes place in early December



Name Total
Liam Convery 54
Richard Simson 45
John McCabe 32
Gerry Penman 31
Kenny Osborne 30
Matt Pearce 29
Iain Rae 27
Darrell Dunscombe 23
Kevin Munro 21
Ricardo Nardini 18
Craig Lamb 15
Jim Phillips 15
Fraser McPhail 13
Craig Rankin 11
Alan Dunlop 9
Jamie Bickett 9
Stuart Swan 9
John Allan 7
Steve Burnside 7
David Carmichael 5
John Crombie 5
Ewan Walker 2
Murray Sheriff Short 1
Neil Grue 1



Name Total
Katrine Kelly 45
Alice Barnard 42
Lisa Sloan 26
Clare Hanlon 24
Lauren Tan 20
Joan McIntosh 17
Judith Godden 15
Marion Sloan 13
Deirdrie Anderson 12
Anne Noble 11
Julie McGhee 10
Kate McKean 8
Claire Tatar 5