Troon Tortoises are very pleased to introduce our jog Scotland programme starting in March 2016. Say hello to our Certified Jog Scotland leaders who are looking forward to meeting our new and potential members.

* Sharon McNicol – Sharon has been running for 4 years and is currently studying Health, Fitness & Exercise.  Sharon is a local to Troon and has become an established runner completing her 1st & 2nd marathon last year. Sharon’s knowledge on health and fitness is excellent and she regularly puts the Troon Tortoises through their paces with her cool down sessions and circuits.

* Morag Barr – Our local Weight Watchers expert and Guru knows exactly the struggles people have with exercise and keeping fit.  Her expertise with diet, fitness and motivation is infamous around Ayrshire. Morag has been running for 3 years now having never ran before and become addicted like the rest of us. It’s all about feeling good and reaping the benefits for Morag and she focuses on short steady runs instead of distance.

* Ricky Sherriff-Short – The interloper from Edinburgh who is fairly new to Troon. Ricky was useless at anything remotely exercise related and his sports day events were legendary for been the only one to be last at everything.  Under the watchful and support eye of Troon Tortoises regulars Robert Miller and Colin Bucke Ricky was coached and mentored from 5k to 10k to half marathon and will be doing his 1st full marathon this year.  If Ricky can run anybody can.

* Kate McKean – Every group needs the wise and experienced one.  Troon local Kate has been running for 32 years, 14 marathons under her belt and she will be doing London again this year.  There isn’t much Kate doesn’t know about jogging/running. Kate is a regular at all the club nights and events and her infectious motivation and positivity keeps everybody going when the going gets tough for new runners.

Aimed at Beginners/Improvers & established runners this is an 8 week structured training schedule to get you running.  Part of the programme will include membership of the Troon Tortoises and the ongoing support throughout your membership.

Information Session – Tue 8th March 2016 6.30-7.30pm (Marr College Sports Hall)

(Jog Scotland sessions will be Thursday evenings 7pm with optional training nights Tuesdays at 7pm)

Come along and meet the team, don’t have to run.  Just find what we are offering and meet your potential new running buddies. We will all be there to meet you, introduce you to the club and give you some information about the sessions.

Queries welcome on 07720 863192 or or see us on facebook and twitter – Troon Tortoises.