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Strathaven in the Rain

Well done to all the Troon ducks who enjoyed the good quack at the “Run with the Wind”. If runners are mad then you must be even madder to turn out to shout encouragement, Tim providing ample evidence of this.

Cross Country at Irvine Beach Park

Team of Karen, Anne and Nats, come 3rd but especially well done to all. Karen for a personal best, Nats for her first x-ctry and Anne for a great time. Well done the three of you

The River Ayr Way race 2009

This report concerns mainly me but I’m sure we’d all love to see additions from Charlie, Ian, Bobby or anyone else who was running or on the route. RAW 2009 Getting up at 6:15 to catch the 7:30 bus from Ayr to Glenbuck is never easy but for some (Ian) it proved impossible. So, Charlie, […]

August 5K Time Trials –

Tuesday evening saw the monthly stampede towards the front. Alex will update the results shortly. Good to see some new faces and well done Fraser, pending member, on an excellent first time 19:10. Nice to see the re-establishment of what I gather was once a tradition, the after run swim. Very good for the recovery […]

Arran Solo

Lucy Colqhuon, in an attempt to run away from Alasdair, ran the route in 7:24 This would have place her 19th overall!