I had a good run, beating both Ian and Alex :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Tim had made a very good effort at marking the course and the buses etc were all well organised.
As always I started at the back, last place again passing through the first stile. Just plodded, stomach held out… no problems here at all. Gave my bumbag to a complete stranger around the 30 mile mark as it was really hurting my back :( such a nice gent , he got it back to me no problem :) great when people are happy to help you out.

Passed folks almost all the way along the course finally catching Ian coming into Auchencruive, then letting him go again as I stopped to speak to Bryan & Munro :) caught up with him and Alex about a mile further on. I was really struggling at this point, but they were worse 8-) cool.

The gel I took at Auchencruive started to kick in and I got a wee boost. Stuggled on towards Ayr, met Paul along the side of the school which was a good boost as he ran with me for a bit before I went on into Craigie to meet George, Anne & Caroline hollaring like mad things at the bridge :)

Plodded on along the riverside met Tim crossing the last bridge before the finish. I was actually feeling pretty no bad here and managed to up my pace to almost a wee bit faster than a shuffle :)

As always it was tremendous to see the finish and Muriel waving like crazy…
Recieved my medal and water and a hug from Muriel, could barely stand up and my legs seized so quickly I was hobbling within minutes :) Bobby had finished 10 mins in front of me and we waited on Ian & Alex finishing.. did I mention they were behind me?? hehehehe

Thank you everyone for all the support…it is very much appreciated :P

The End.. of the SUMS series, but I have one more in Oct in Wales… yessss :)