Strathaven 10 Race report courtesy of Sharon:

All packed up in car headed to Strathaven expecting a nice easy run (10k never easy!) Thinking all downhill with few wee hills. Meet the crew in the school hall. Everyone cheery apart from me, I’m stressing as hips and groin kill. So off for stretch and warm up… back to get crew then onto bus… always good banter on the bus which helps with race nervous -Good thinking Matt, we got on last bus so less waiting about at start line.

Before we know it guns went off and we are running. (I just got watch started up) I got told beforehand to make sure I got right to start line, as it bottlenecks! (I’m thinking what’s bottleneck?) I certainly know now! Jezze crammed in like sardines!! Got caught up in crowd so crap start, eventually evened out. First 3 miles running good, felt good thinking aw this is going to be fab run… then turned a corner into a head wind like you wouldn’t believe, horrid hill in the distance and my pace slowed right down. All I could think was wind go away!! Did not expect this never ending incline. Passed Caroline’s hubby (he was spectator for a change, won it year before) trying my best for cheery smile and wave.

Then after few more hills headed to finish line with last half mile downhill… Yay, but then last 200 meters was uphill it killed. There’s Jim and boys taking photos which will never been posted to public lol.. got a lovely goodie bag with hoodie instead of tshirt, which was different (fab for winter months)! Then back to school for some hot soup and a blether with my lovely crew. Good day now for Jimmy Irvine next!