We will be returning to training at Marr College for current members only on Thursday 10th September at 7pm.

At this time only current members may attend for track and trace purposes;  we will start to accept new runners from October and will advertise how new runners will be able to register at the end of September.

Membership renewal e-mails will be sent out for current members in the coming weeks.

Please arrive promptly so that we can register everyone and start the sessions on time, for the first couple of weeks all evenings will be general runs while everyone gets used to the new protocols.

Please read the Return to Training document before attending your first session.

In summary

 Here is an outline of the Scottish Athletics Guidance:

  1. We will be allowed a maximum of 30athletes at a session.
  2. Maximum group size (bubble) of 15 – we will have a maximum of 8 runners per group
  3. You will not be required to physically distance when the session is taking place within the bubble.
  4. Normal physical distancing guidelines apply out with the session.
  5. Athletes must stay within their designated bubble for the duration of the session.
  6. There is now no requirement for 2m/5m gap within the bubble.
  7. Physical distancing as per Scottish Government Guidance must be maintained when the session is complete.

We look forward to seeing you

Troon Tortoise Committee