As the nights are getting darker, colder and it being harder to motivate to head outdoors TT’s are offering something different on the last Thursday of the month in place of, or in addition to the run (all free of charge)! This month on 27th we have the pleasure of having Jennifer Ellis, Ashtanga yoga teacher come and offer us a one and a quarter hour yoga session for runners. Some of you may remember something similar a year or so ago.

Ashtanga yoga develops strength and stamina as well as flexibility. We will go through the primary series with many of the poses targeting your hamstrings, hips, and lower back, the many areas runners need to stretch. Jennifer will be able to provide around 20 mats but if anyone has their own or can borrow from someone else please bring as many of your own as you can. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you all doing your downward dogs then! 🙂